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Integrating strategies for disaster risk reduction and climate change impacts: win-win adaptation planning for Texas

Adaptation to risks posed by future climate change has received little attention by most state and local governments. Incorporating climate change impacts into disaster risk reduction planning would be a cost effective strategy for both local governments and the State of Texas. Current disaster risk management planning involves understanding hazards, vulnerabilities and potential losses and developing appropriate preparedness and mitigation strategies to reduce loss of life and property. This paper makes the case that there will be new risks associated with climate change that can be anticipated in existing disaster risk reduction planning and management. The authors propose a scheme that brings together experts from climate, disaster, and policy communities to start a dialogue on integrating aspects of long-term risk reduction to weather disasters and climate change at community and regional scales. Local knowledge is crucial to understanding vulnerabilities to weather and climate extremes and to planning for disaster risk reduction.

Prabhakar, S., Srinivasan, A. and R. Shaw. 2008. Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: need, opportunities and challenges. Mitig Adapt Strateg Glob Change, DOI 10.1007/s11027-008-9147-4.

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